September 11

Top 7 Romance Tips For Men

Women who are in relationships share one primary desire, they all want to be romanced. Many men are willing to give romance a shot. But, they may think that romance requires a lot of work. Well, you may be surprised to find that romance does not have to be complicated. Here are seven romance tips for men that are fairly easy to implement. Try these romance tips for men, and you can please your partner, while adding a bit of spice to your relationship.

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Kiss her very slowly. There is something very sensual about kissing slowly. Take your time and give her a kiss that she will not soon forget. Tap her on her backside once in a while. This shows that you are still into her. It gives her a sense of security about her relationship with you, and lets her know that you care about her.

Play romantic music. This one will score you some serious points. But the music cannot be lame. If you have some decent tunes on hand, go ahead and use them. If not, you may need to buy a few good titles.

Surprise your partner. Romance should be spontaneous whenever possible. Unexpected romantic acts are essentially what make romance so special. Buy her favorite treat, and put it in her mouth before bed. Grab a small bouquet of flowers, and give them to her. Let her know that you were thinking about her. Buy a nice bottle of wine to share with your partner. You get the idea.

Offer your undivided attention, whenever she is talking to you about something important. Most women want their men to be good communicators, which includes being able to listen. So giving her your complete attention goes a long way. When she is talking to you, make your partner feel that there is no one else in your universe. Get close, look into her eyes, and listen intently to whatever she has to say. Do not drift in and out of the conversation. Focus your thoughts on her, stay there, and show that you are paying attention.

Take a shower or bubble bath together. You may not be into this type of thing. But water can add a sense of sensuality and romance. Take time to touch her body, and enjoy a nice, relaxing moment with your partner.

Order some takeout, or cook a nice dinner. Having a man take care of dinner is romantic, and usually appreciated. If you are feeling up to it, light a candle and put a few pillows on the living room floor to change the atmosphere.

There you have it. Try a few of these romance tips for men to spice up your relationship. Do not go overboard and try them all at once. Romance your partner once in a while, and she will love you for it.

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