November 18

Tips For Women And Men That Will Make Your Partner Fall In Love

Want a way to be incredibly romantic this Christmas season? I have a tip for you tonight that I didn’t come up with. My wonderful girlfriend did and I am going to share it with the world. You know that I often talk on my blog about putting the thoughts of others above yourself. That is really the key to romance and happiness in life in general. Tonight I have seen this method exemplified by my wonderful lady.

We have all heard the song the “Twelve Days Of Christmas”, probably ad nauseam. Well tonight before I left my girl’s place she handed me a stack of colorful cards wrapped in a ribbon. Each was decorated and had a date on it. You see tomorrow begins the first day of Christmas. I will have a card to open each day all the way until Christmas morning. I joked that I was going to rush home and read them all. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am excited about having a special surprise from my darling waiting on me each morning.

Now you would think guys wouldn’t really get into that, but you would be wrong. I am telling you I am smiling all over right now not only that she took the time to do this, but that each morning I will have a message of her love delivered to me. This is great way to show a person you care. Whether they are a man or a woman this works. I am flabbergasted.

Now what if you are reading this article and it is past Christmas, have you missed the chance. Well yes and no. If it is too late I would encourage you to do two things. For one plan on doing this next year and make each day special. I plan on posting a little piece about each day of the twelve days on my blog. Secondly, you don’t just have to do this on Christmas. You can make any occasion your excuse to do this. Do the ten days before their birthday. Try this method when you leave town, give them a card for each day you are going to be gone. The possibilities are really endless.

Now don’t just sign the card and put it in the envelope, that is lame. Instead really pour your heart into this. If you aren’t a good writer then go to Google and type in “romantic quotes or poems” and you will get lots of ideas of things you can say to your beloved. The bottom line is just don’t make an excuse, do it and you will see how wonderful it feels to give and receive such a wonderful romantic gift.

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