September 10

Romance Tips For Your Dream Girl

Guys! You are now dating that hot girl. How do you keep her? Love and dating advice made easy.

1: Start slow. The best way to keep a girl’s attention is to inform her that you want to go slow. Wait until the 4th date to have sex. Some dates should just be cuddle dates. Women are so used to men just wanting them for sex, that only cuddling is a great way of getting close and holding her interest. Not to mention raising her anticipation levels for the big event.

2: The perfect first kiss. A very light brush is better than a full on tongue kiss. First of all, it gets her curious and wanting more. Keep something back for later.

3: Compliment her. Most women are very insecure about the way they look. Women look at their imaginary physical flaws (butt too big, flabby thighs, whatever) and find it hard to believe that a man could find them sexually attractive. Constantly tell her how sexy you find her. If you can improve her self-esteem she will be much more uninhibited in bed.

4: Planning: It’s easy to get caught up in work and before you know it the day, or week, has passed. Use your organizer as a reminder to phone your girl unexpectedly. Girls love a quick call or text to say “hi, thinking of you”.

5: Public Dirty Talking. Whispering, explicitly, what you would like to do in a more private venue makes it more likely to happen. This is because sex talk in public is doubly arousing. The anticipation and naughtiness will have her all hot and bothered in no time.

6: Some ‘her’ time. Arrange for her to go to a beauty salon, spa, or hair place. Tell her you are going to dinner after. When you collect her, take her to a restaurant attached to a romantic hotel. She will be feeling fantastic after her beauty treatments and all of these romantic gestures will totally overwhelm her. A sure fire way for a little romance.

7: Fireplaces. All girls love romantic getaways involving fireplaces. Cozy cabins or rooms, big rugs on the floor, dim lighting, mulled wine or champagne and no sports on the television, all add to the romantic ambience. A great way to spend a winter’s day.

8: Cherish her completely. All women have a little secret something about themselves that they are proud of. This normally does not involve a body part. It might be her black sense of humour or her individuality. You need to find this, and love and appreciate this. This is when she will feel loved as a whole person and then you will have her sexually and emotionally. No idea what’s going on inside her head? Is there anything her father compliments her on that lights her up?

9: The necktie. This clothing item is the favourite of all women. Take it off and use your imagination.

10: Makeup sex. Anger while fighting drives up the testosterone in both of you. Increased testosterone means a stronger sex drive. If you haven’t been fighting, try a pillow fight or naked wrestling in the bed, to get things heated and breathless.

11: Gifts. All women love unexpected gifts. Show her you understand her by making it personal. Try for thoughtful and creative. The timing of the gifts appearance could be crucial in how the evening turns out.

12: Take her shopping. Buying a new outfit puts girls in the mood for romance. Having her guy with her in the mall makes her happy. Make sure that if you are going to go that you stay interested. Do not be half hearted and do not wander off and get lost. Apparently, in Victoria’s Secret lingerie stores there are love seats in the dressing rooms. Do you need any more incentive than this to go to the mall?

13:Kiss her more often. The most common complaint from women is that their guy does not kiss them enough. You should kiss your girl for more than 5 minutes while you are whipping off her clothes. Women like to be kissed through the whole encounter. Women love being kissed everywhere. Find her favourite places to be kissed and make sure you include them every time. Nuzzling, licking and soft nipping are usually appreciated as well. This sort of strategy will decrease the amount of headaches she will have.

14: Say it. The top 3 romantic things women love to hear from men are:
“I just love waking up with you.”
“I have brought you a little something”
“I can’t wait to see you”

15:Listen. To keep your romance alive you need to listen to her properly. Here is how:
Turn off the television. Yes, off, not just on mute.
Listen to her.
Repeat what she has said.
Tell her that it makes sense or clarify if you do not understand.
Turn television back on. Better yet, give her a cuddle.

16: Make a fantasy box. Both of you get to write down your own secret sexual fantasies. Fold them over and place in your fantasy box. When you want to spice it up, pull one out for inspiration.

17: Never buy carnations. Carnations are cheap. They come over as cheap and from the corner store. You will never impress her with these. They will never be seen as a romantic gift. Save your money for something else.

18: Make her breakfast in bed. If you can’t cook, a cup of coffee and something in the toaster is still a great romantic idea.

19: “Does my butt look big in this?” Never, ever hesitate. The only correct answer is “No.”
Follow this with a cuddle with your hands running appreciatively over her curves for a more genuine feeling response.

20: Be her friend. You have to concentrate on the friendship side of the relationship, not just the sexual side. The more you understand her thoughts, the more she will reward you.

To have a hot wild date needs a little romance. Dating and romance just need a little thought and planning. These romance tips will keep your dream girl coming back for more.

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