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Pure Romance Tips For Doing Things Together

Pure Romance is not just about the candlelight dinners and fine wine. It’s not just flower petals on the floor leading to the bedroom. It’s also more than sending love notes in emails or leaving sweet messages for each other to find in unexpected places. True Romance is about how two people in a relationship spend time with each other everyday in everything that they do.

To have a romantic relationship, it helps to have a love compatibility. (Think of that before getting too serious with someone). We must have mutual desires or at least be willing to compromise in order to please each other in the things that we do together. In fact, having the desire and willingness to do things together on a regular basis will partially answer the question, “What is love?” for a lot of people.

Pure romance for my wife and I is determined in large part by the many things that we do together each day – or at various times throughout the weeks and months of the year.

Examples That Don’t Cost Money (or much)

When you are at home, don’t ignore each other. That’s where pure romance begins. Going on dates isn’t the only time that couples are supposed to be with each other. Whether you are married or not, there are things to do together when you are at home. Doing so is a show of respect to your lover and makes him or her feel valued.

Here are some of the things that my fantastic wife and I do together at home. A big one for us is watching TV or movies. We probably watch at least one movie together each day. We eat together everyday – either at the table or in our bed. We pray and read the Bible together (not as much as we should). We even built a website together where we share the story of how we met online and entered into a long distance relationship.

Outside the home, we go to church together and take walks or hikes (mainly when the weather is 50+ degrees). Recently, we began to volunteer together at a Food Bank. We have also gone swimming at the beach or swimming pools – usually with her children or mine.

Those are just some of the free or low-cost things that my wife and I have done to help keep our pure romance alive. Do some of these and make up your own “together time” things for you and your lover.

Examples That Cost Money

One of the things that I promised to do with my wife, Jamie every two weeks is meet her for lunch when she’s at work. I’ve been laid off so my schedule has been flexible that way. We enjoy about an hour together – sometimes at the Magic Fountain by the company she works at. A couple of our other lunch spots are TGIF and Applebee’s. Dining out is also one of our favorite activities to do anytime. If you asked either one of us what our favorite restaurant is, we would both say “Red Lobster”. We go there for almost all special occasions – and sometimes just for the heck of it. We’ve been to some others more than once too, but we love variety and have dined at quite a lot of different places in the 2 ½ years that we’ve been together (we met online in 2008).

Guys, be nice to your girlfriend, fiance, or wife and go shopping with her. You are showing her respect by your willingness to just be with her – even it’s not your first choice of entertainment. Jamie and I go grocery shopping together every other week. My wife loves that I go with her. We have also gone together to flea markets, malls or where ever. Even if you are not a man who likes to shop, show your lover that you are willing to just be with her if that’s what she wants to do.

There are many other activities my wife and I do so that our own pure romance doesn’t fizzle out. We enjoy going bowling (Jamie always kicks my butt). Going to the Movie Theater is another one of our favorites. We’ve also been miniature golfing and gone to amusement parks and museums.

Another great thing to do is go on day trips. If my wife and I are in my State of PA, we might create memories in Gettysburg (also my kids’ favorite) or Baltimore. When we are on my wife’s home turf in Jersey, we take the train to New York City. We’ve had a lot of great times there (walks in Battery Park or Central Park, Wax Museum, King Tut Museum, Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, New York Philharmonic, dining, etc.). And of course we’ve hit the beaches on the Jersey Shore.

Don’t lose that pure romance you first felt when you met. Love and passion aren’t just kept alive by your sweet words and mutual touch. Keeping your romance alive is dependent on everything you do with each other everyday. Let’s all spend consistent time with our partners – in the home and out.

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