October 16

Office Romance Tips

Most people spend more time in the work place than at home. Because of the time constraint that most professionals have and also the lack of sociable time, many people divert to the aspect of getting a romantic partner in the office instead of elsewhere

The workplace seems to become a natural breeding ground for romantic couples since they spend so much time there. It also seems pretty inevitable since most get along with each other well based on the fact that they are in the same environment that initiates similar interests, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Some companies however do not like the idea as they feel intimate relationships may cause negligence on their respective jobs and also when it comes to duties and responsibilities with each other

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Think first and be 100% sure

Really think things through before making a move and think about the consequences as well as benefits that you can get from the relationship. If things don’t work out would you be OK with seeing this person day in and day out?

2. Evaluate each prospect

Make sure you think they would make a good partner and do not get blinded by his or her position in the company and the excitement of feeling a bit naughty.

4. Friendships are the best foundation

First of all become good friends before creating a great a romantic relationship as this really is the core foundation to anything more lasting. Having said all this, office romances can be really dreamy and exciting. I wish you luck and if you can see yourself having a great relationship out of the work place then just go for it!


Posted October 16, 2016 by mimin in category "Dating