November 23

My Successful Dating Romance

I had frequently used famous dating website for two years. I had the chance to meet few people who I dated. At this time, I was not looking for a relationship — I had just gotten out of one. I was only looking for a good mutual friend. My son and I were moving 200 kilometer away, to try to change our lives. I just wanted to meet someone to show us around, hang around with, and have a friend in our new neighborhood.

Couldn’t stop talking

I started chatting with John before I moved.

Once we started talking we couldn’t stop. We found that we had so much behaviors and thoughts in common and I could not believe how we even thought the same things and same feelings about life and other things. We chatted every morning and night for eight weeks before we finally met in person. I took my sister and my son with me to the restaurant to meet him for the first time.

Once we met in person, we didn’t stop seeing each other, and we were together almost every day. We discovered that we had found love. Two months later we moved in together, and one year later we were married. August 24, 2008, was our wedding date. We wrote special thanks to dating site. We had a beautiful day, and all our friends and family were there. I want to thank you, dating site for making my best life and for helping me to meet my best soul mate, and life partner.

Success tips from Chuva:

Don’t give out personal information. When you find someone you are interested in, make your first meeting in a public place. Have someone else with you or let someone know where you will be, and call them before and after the meeting. I never had any bad luck, but we all know there are not so good people out there. Caution is best!

Talk for a while before you plan to meet, don’t be in a hurry. Really try to get to know someone through chatting. You can find out a lot about a person.

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