November 19

How To Be Romantic With Your Wife

What does it take to be more romantic? Well some people would say that they just aren’t the romantic type. They actually think that some people are just naturally more romantically inclined than others. I disagree, I think that romance is something that can be learned by anyone and it is a key to having a healthy relationship.

So what are some things that you can do today to be a more romantic partner? I am sure you have seen stuff like this before so I am going to try to make it a little more exciting. Here are three ideas you can put into practice tonight to totally change the tone of things in your relationship. When you do this though, watch out. Your partner will wonder what happened to you, lol.

Tip #1 go to the store and buy three or four inexpensive, pretty wooden boxes. You could also buy the glass or ceramic type to mix it up a little bit. Take colorful construction paper and write a short love note to your partner. Use different colored pens and put a little cologne or perfume on it (just a bit).

If you are not good at writing then use a line or two from a poem. You can find a billion of these things online by just using Google. Give a box to your loved one each morning and tell them to open it at work or while they are away. Tell them the message inside is to remind them you are always with them.

Tip #2 take a check out of your check book and write it for the amount of “One Hundred Kisses” made payable to your partner and signed by you. Leave it on the dash of their car or on the kitchen counter. Some place you are sure they will see it.

Tip #3 the next time you get your hair cut ask the barber to cut a small lock of your hair and save it. Buy a keychain, locket or another small repository and put the lock inside. Give this to them as a symbol of your love that goes with them everywhere they are.

These are just some simple, yet effective ways you can learn to be more romantic. You don’t have to do exactly what I have talked about here. All you have to do is just be creative and be yourself. There is no substitute for you. After all it is your personality that your partner fell in love with in the first place. Let that shine as it did when you were first dating and you will see new sparks fly in your love life like never before.


Posted November 19, 2016 by mimin in category "Dating