October 15

Effective Flirting That Works

Do you need dating and flirting tips that will land you in a solid relationship? Are you tired of living your life alone and you want to be able to share the joys in life with a good man? Would dating and flirting tips give you the edge over other women who are struggling on the dating front?

Many women go out there without a clue how the dating scene can be these days. Either they’re tied up in some old fashion notion of what dating once was or they’ve been misled by the over-romanticized movies depicting dating as a fairy tale.

Read these dating and flirting tips and watch how your love life takes a turn for the better.

Lose the Desperation

This is the first and most important dating and flirting tip of all. No matter what you do, and no matter how badly you want to be in a relationship, do not let on that you are desperate. This is something that guys see from a distance and run.

Whether it’s in the lovelorn way you look at him, the words of need and insecurity you throw at him, or the clinging and possessive way you latch onto him, you need to get a hold of yourself and control the actions you take.

Fun and Elusive

There’s nothing like spending an interesting hour talking to a fascinating woman only to have her casually say goodbye and walk away at the end of it all. This really gets a guy riled up. His interest is instantly piqued by her ability to just stroll away from a potentially hot romance. She has just upped his game.

The pursuit is on and he’s biting at the bit to get to her. Be fun and engaging. Laugh and show the guy that you’re out to enjoy yourself. Make no mention of romance, relationships and, heaven forbid, marriage. Then, with no strings tied, simply excuse yourself and back out.

Be sure to leave the door ajar, not flat out open, for his eventual attempt to reconnect with you.

Never Pressed for Time

A hurried and impatient woman on the look out for the ideal husband is usually the woman who remains alone a lot longer than she would have liked. Her impatience can lead her to actually push many men away.

The more men walk away, the more pressed for time she becomes and the horrible game gets played over and over again.

Let the guy take his sweet time to get to know you. Let him see that you’re a woman with a mind and a life of your own. Let him know that his life won’t be bogged down with your needs and insecurities.

All in all, let him feel that he can take this relationship at his own pace. It may be slower than what you would have preferred, but you’ll be surprised how far you’ll go. Show him your sincere desire to build this relationship up in a healthy way.

Dating and flirting tips are meant to bring you to that great eventuality. Take heed and you’ll find your love.

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