July 2

Dating, Romance, Love and Marriage

Why is it that the tiger automatically sets on its foot upon seeing its prey? The answer is simple–it wants to immediately have its meal. Why is it that the prey tries its best to get away from the tiger? Again, the answer is simple–it has its instinct to save its own life. The reason behind those behaviors is the motivation that drives both the host and the prey into action. In life, people have goals to attain and the motivation that they have is what drives them into acting out to attain those. There are a lot of reasons to get motivated.

It could be because of more money, a more comfortable life, and even to be more successful in dating, romance, love, and marriage. Yes, one could always be successful in dating, romance, love and marriage if only the person is involved with some serious pointers as borne in his mind.

In many cases romance is the usual motivator. In this aspect, people have different outlooks. When romance is in the air, the world seems to appear very charming and it is as if the ticking of time suddenly stops. When one gets inspired by romance, he or she tends to do positive things. There seems to have lots of positive energies in the person. It is romance which actually breathes a new life to the dull mind and which lets the heart beats faster. Flowers seem to be in full bloom in the eyes of the person who is captivated by love. There seems to be no reason not to overcome the obstacles that come along the way. Life is indeed a lot colorful when romance flutters like a butterfly in the air. But of course before you could be successful in dating, romance, love, and marriage, you’ve got to first get to know some valuable pointers. If you want to be successful in these aspects you of course have to be fully motivated. Reach your dreams and be successful in your own right.

During the very first time to spot your mate, you have to basically create a good impression. You may or may not be experienced in dating but everything starts from zero and such is the initial step into getting through a successful time with romance, love, and then eventually, marriage. It is not terrifying to commit yourself into a date. This is one way of getting to know your mate. How should you create a good impression then? Start with the basics–wear the proper attire and be a good conversationalist. This is not supposed to be a harassing experience but rather it should be turned into a fruitful one.

Many a times, inexperienced people in dating end up stammering so the other person gets bored. When this happens, expect that the outcome is negative. How could you be successful in dating and then eventually with romance, love and marriage if you cannot carry out effectively the initial step? Would it not be a nightmare for you? You have to remember that you need to create a positive impression right on the first date, mind you. This will determine if a follow up date would push through and this is also the determining factor as to whether or not you would have a chance to be successful in these areas.

Getting to meet someone whom you are eyeing on is both a stressing and daunting experience especially if you are one who is by nature affected by frequent anxiety. In order for your experience not to be turned into a nightmare, equip yourself with the knowledge on common topics. Since it is a getting to know process, the meet-up will be all about conversing. How would you be able to partake in the conversations if you are not armed with any knowledge, right?

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