September 9

Dating Advice Tips

Most dating advice tips apply to all dates but you only get one shot at a first impression. The first date is therefore incredibly important especially if you want to have a second date and an ongoing relationship! There are some things you may get away with in an established relationship that are absolutely not allowed on a first date. So the first of many dating advice tips is never, ever be late on a first date. It may sound obvious but it is important. Secongly arrange to meet somewhere she’ll be comfortable meeting you if she doesn’t know you well. Dress appropriately for whatever you’re doing without going over the top. Natural is the biggest key to success!

If you’re trying to get a first date with someone you really like or fancy and you’re not sure it’s reciprocated try to offer an irresistible date you know they’ll love. To do this you may need to get tickets for a big event and you may need to do some homework on their interests. If she’s important to you, it’s worth the effort.

If the first date went well follow up with a second date pretty soon. Gauge how the first date went if you’re sure she loved you to bits then there’s no harm phoning the next day, she’ll be thrilled, if you think she liked you but you’re not sure how much then wait a day and then call, it seems pretty natural, but don’t leave it any longer. If she was swept off her feet then almost anything you suggest will be well received, if you’re not certain then make sure you offer another irresistible date.

There are many things to consider when it comes to dating advice tips. There isn’t room here to list all the things you might do from eating out through theatre, music, sporting events and so on, therefore consider her interests and use your common sense. Hopefully you’ll find interests in common, if the date feels like hard work to you, you can be sure she isn’t totally comfortable either. When you have things in common and you’re both enjoying the event or the atmosphere and the conversation is flowing easily, then you’re winning.

On any date your behaviour is key, if you’re confident, natural and engaging, if you listen to her and if you entertain her she will fall for your charms.

What women want can be confusing, so here are some really great dating advice tips. Women want respect, but they also love confidence and being touched and ultimately they love sex too. Show respect in the way you talk to her and don’t go faster than she wants to, but don’t be afraid to touch her hand or arm if it feels natural to do so. As things progress you will want to touch and kiss more, treat her like a girlfriend from day one otherwise she may mistake your intentions, romance her and make her feel special, let her know that she is special to you without gushing or appearing needy. Take your time and enjoy every stage of the process, by the way that’s good advice in bed too!

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