October 16

Office Romance Tips

Most people spend more time in the work place than at home. Because of the time constraint that most professionals have and also the lack of sociable time, many people divert to the aspect of getting a romantic partner in the office instead of elsewhere

The workplace seems to become a natural breeding ground for romantic couples since they spend so much time there. It also seems pretty inevitable since most get along with each other well based on the fact that they are in the same environment that initiates similar interests, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Some companies however do not like the idea as they feel intimate relationships may cause negligence on their respective jobs and also when it comes to duties and responsibilities with each other

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Think first and be 100% sure

Really think things through before making a move and think about the consequences as well as benefits that you can get from the relationship. If things don’t work out would you be OK with seeing this person day in and day out?

2. Evaluate each prospect

Make sure you think they would make a good partner and do not get blinded by his or her position in the company and the excitement of feeling a bit naughty.

4. Friendships are the best foundation

First of all become good friends before creating a great a romantic relationship as this really is the core foundation to anything more lasting. Having said all this, office romances can be really dreamy and exciting. I wish you luck and if you can see yourself having a great relationship out of the work place then just go for it!

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October 15

Pure Romance Tips For Doing Things Together

Pure Romance is not just about the candlelight dinners and fine wine. It’s not just flower petals on the floor leading to the bedroom. It’s also more than sending love notes in emails or leaving sweet messages for each other to find in unexpected places. True Romance is about how two people in a relationship spend time with each other everyday in everything that they do.

To have a romantic relationship, it helps to have a love compatibility. (Think of that before getting too serious with someone). We must have mutual desires or at least be willing to compromise in order to please each other in the things that we do together. In fact, having the desire and willingness to do things together on a regular basis will partially answer the question, “What is love?” for a lot of people.

Pure romance for my wife and I is determined in large part by the many things that we do together each day – or at various times throughout the weeks and months of the year.

Examples That Don’t Cost Money (or much)

When you are at home, don’t ignore each other. That’s where pure romance begins. Going on dates isn’t the only time that couples are supposed to be with each other. Whether you are married or not, there are things to do together when you are at home. Doing so is a show of respect to your lover and makes him or her feel valued.

Here are some of the things that my fantastic wife and I do together at home. A big one for us is watching TV or movies. We probably watch at least one movie together each day. We eat together everyday – either at the table or in our bed. We pray and read the Bible together (not as much as we should). We even built a website together where we share the story of how we met online and entered into a long distance relationship.

Outside the home, we go to church together and take walks or hikes (mainly when the weather is 50+ degrees). Recently, we began to volunteer together at a Food Bank. We have also gone swimming at the beach or swimming pools – usually with her children or mine.

Those are just some of the free or low-cost things that my wife and I have done to help keep our pure romance alive. Do some of these and make up your own “together time” things for you and your lover.

Examples That Cost Money

One of the things that I promised to do with my wife, Jamie every two weeks is meet her for lunch when she’s at work. I’ve been laid off so my schedule has been flexible that way. We enjoy about an hour together – sometimes at the Magic Fountain by the company she works at. A couple of our other lunch spots are TGIF and Applebee’s. Dining out is also one of our favorite activities to do anytime. If you asked either one of us what our favorite restaurant is, we would both say “Red Lobster”. We go there for almost all special occasions – and sometimes just for the heck of it. We’ve been to some others more than once too, but we love variety and have dined at quite a lot of different places in the 2 ½ years that we’ve been together (we met online in 2008).

Guys, be nice to your girlfriend, fiance, or wife and go shopping with her. You are showing her respect by your willingness to just be with her – even it’s not your first choice of entertainment. Jamie and I go grocery shopping together every other week. My wife loves that I go with her. We have also gone together to flea markets, malls or where ever. Even if you are not a man who likes to shop, show your lover that you are willing to just be with her if that’s what she wants to do.

There are many other activities my wife and I do so that our own pure romance doesn’t fizzle out. We enjoy going bowling (Jamie always kicks my butt). Going to the Movie Theater is another one of our favorites. We’ve also been miniature golfing and gone to amusement parks and museums.

Another great thing to do is go on day trips. If my wife and I are in my State of PA, we might create memories in Gettysburg (also my kids’ favorite) or Baltimore. When we are on my wife’s home turf in Jersey, we take the train to New York City. We’ve had a lot of great times there (walks in Battery Park or Central Park, Wax Museum, King Tut Museum, Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, New York Philharmonic, dining, etc.). And of course we’ve hit the beaches on the Jersey Shore.

Don’t lose that pure romance you first felt when you met. Love and passion aren’t just kept alive by your sweet words and mutual touch. Keeping your romance alive is dependent on everything you do with each other everyday. Let’s all spend consistent time with our partners – in the home and out.

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October 15

Effective Flirting That Works

Do you need dating and flirting tips that will land you in a solid relationship? Are you tired of living your life alone and you want to be able to share the joys in life with a good man? Would dating and flirting tips give you the edge over other women who are struggling on the dating front?

Many women go out there without a clue how the dating scene can be these days. Either they’re tied up in some old fashion notion of what dating once was or they’ve been misled by the over-romanticized movies depicting dating as a fairy tale.

Read these dating and flirting tips and watch how your love life takes a turn for the better.

Lose the Desperation

This is the first and most important dating and flirting tip of all. No matter what you do, and no matter how badly you want to be in a relationship, do not let on that you are desperate. This is something that guys see from a distance and run.

Whether it’s in the lovelorn way you look at him, the words of need and insecurity you throw at him, or the clinging and possessive way you latch onto him, you need to get a hold of yourself and control the actions you take.

Fun and Elusive

There’s nothing like spending an interesting hour talking to a fascinating woman only to have her casually say goodbye and walk away at the end of it all. This really gets a guy riled up. His interest is instantly piqued by her ability to just stroll away from a potentially hot romance. She has just upped his game.

The pursuit is on and he’s biting at the bit to get to her. Be fun and engaging. Laugh and show the guy that you’re out to enjoy yourself. Make no mention of romance, relationships and, heaven forbid, marriage. Then, with no strings tied, simply excuse yourself and back out.

Be sure to leave the door ajar, not flat out open, for his eventual attempt to reconnect with you.

Never Pressed for Time

A hurried and impatient woman on the look out for the ideal husband is usually the woman who remains alone a lot longer than she would have liked. Her impatience can lead her to actually push many men away.

The more men walk away, the more pressed for time she becomes and the horrible game gets played over and over again.

Let the guy take his sweet time to get to know you. Let him see that you’re a woman with a mind and a life of your own. Let him know that his life won’t be bogged down with your needs and insecurities.

All in all, let him feel that he can take this relationship at his own pace. It may be slower than what you would have preferred, but you’ll be surprised how far you’ll go. Show him your sincere desire to build this relationship up in a healthy way.

Dating and flirting tips are meant to bring you to that great eventuality. Take heed and you’ll find your love.

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October 14

How to Be Forever in Love, Romance Tips For Married Couples

It is common for anyone to feel a little worried that the romance in their marriage is fading. This is especially true if you have been married for quite some time now. So what can you do to get the romance back into your marriage? Rest assured there are actually plenty of little things you can do today to strike up that spark again.

Spice up your sex life

This is one area most married couple pays less attention to. Sex usually takes a back seat especially when there are plenty of everyday things that need your attention. Take time to have a passionate lovemaking session with your spouse before it fades away and becomes too late to revive. Put real effort by talking openly with your spouse about what turns you on and your sexual desires. Learn new love-making ideas and techniques. It will be enough to get your desires running again.

Do not be selfish by giving more

If you invest in your marriage, you generally will get more out of it. Express your love and devotion to your spouse freely. You will be surprise it can set off a cycle of giving-back between you and your spouse that will be difficult to hold back. Do take note though. Every person is different. Your spouse may not be as expressive as you are, so make sure you do not feel resentment if you do not get as much in return as you give.

Schedule a regular date night

This is common advice. It will be great to go out without the kids. Going to a fancy restaurant can be daunting if you are on a budget. However, if you focus on that, you will never have the money or the time. This is the time to use your imagination. Send the kids away for the weekend. You and your spouse spend the afternoon together preparing a gourmet dinner. Join a dance class, go for an evening walk together or just sitting at a park talking.

Take time to talk and do it from the heart

Do you feel that you and your spouse are talking less to each other? Suddenly, you cannot think of anything to say. You realized that talking and confiding to your spouse becomes very difficult. Remember that the foundation of a strong marriage is emotional intimacy. You must have frequent and open conversations with your spouse on things that really matters to the marriage and the family.

Do not take your spouse for granted

Familiarity breeds contempt. When a couple gets to familiar with each other, they tend to take their spouse for granted. We forget our attitude and manners. Not only do we take our spouse for granted but we become more critical towards them and are constantly nagging. We develop a few bad habits over time. Take time off regularly to look at your current situation and the way you are treating your spouse. Get rid of your bad habits that can kill your romance and your marriage.

If your sixth sense is telling you that the romance in your marriage is slowly fading, then it is time to take action and do something right now. A dull marriage can be the starting point to more serious marital problems. It can happen so quickly that you might not be able to react on time. Take action now before the romance and love is gone and you end up alone.

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October 13

Romance Tips For Any Stage of a Relationship

I have spent this week mostly thinking about romantic ideas because I owe that special someone in my life some serious pampering for doing me a huge favour. It got me wondering why I don’t try and put in the effort more often regardless of whether he does something for me or not. My head is now bubbling with some good ideas and topped off with a bit of research I have done, I had to share these with you. I couldn’t very well keep them to myself know could I, knowing that we all need a bit of romance in our lives.

Romantic Ideas:

  • Surprise someone special with a stylish photo frame already inserted with a photo of yourself or a photo of the two of you together.
  • Go through their DVD collection and get them something they do not already have, but that you know they will enjoy. It will last longer than flowers.
  • Leave little love messages or hearts drawn on the bathroom mirror while it is steamed up after your shower or bath for them to find when they go in after you.
  • Plan a holiday or mini-break and do not tell them where you are taking them. Let them find out when they get there or when the airport or train station departures announce it.
  • Get up early one morning and surprise them with a cooked breakfast either in bed or set the dining room table and turn it into a romantic breakfast with orange juice and champagne.

Unique Ideas to Really Impress Them:

  • If you are a man then you can send your special lady 11 Red Roses with 1 white one among them. Insert a message inside the card that usually accompanies the flowers with this sentiment “In every bunch there is always one that stands out, and for me…that one was you“.
  • If you are a woman you could buy your man something small like a pair of cufflinks and insert them into a packet of crisps or something else you might like to give him along with a beer and tell him to relax while he watches his favourite sport.
  • Book a double pampering session for the two of you at a nearby spa and then make a day of it by taking them out for a meal at a restaurant you know will serve their favourite food.
  • Set a treasure hunt trail for them leading them to a romantic picnic or something equally as sweet. Make the trail fun and interesting and the longer you keep them looking for clues that lead them to you, the better the surprise will be.
  • Mixed tapes may seem old fashioned these days (mostly because tapes are almost none existent now), but putting together a CD of their favourite music for them to listen to in the car or wherever they like will have you in the good books for a long time.

While some of these ideas may not be the best for a first date or if you have only been together for a few weeks, mostly all of them will go down well if you have known each other for at least a couple of months. Even if you have been together for many years already, romance should not be forgotten and putting these ideas into practise will help bring the sparks back.

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