July 4

Smart Romance Tips For Men

Here are a couple of kissing tips that you can apply.

Remember to vary them to keep things exciting!

Method #1: Triumvirate
Kiss her lightly between the eyes, subsequently on the tip of her nose, and lastly on the lips.

Method #2: Top And Bottom
Kiss her on her top lip, after that the bottom lip, and to finish both.

Method #3: Lick Her Lightly
Run the tip of your tongue gradually along your girl’s lips.

Method #4: Kiss Her Earlobes
Gently kiss, nibble, and suck on her earlobe. This trick can drive a woman WILD. This technique one is of the dating secrets for alpha men.

Method #5: Kiss Her Neck
Trail the sides of her neck with your lips and tongue.

Method #6: Front Of Neck
Kiss the front of her neck with your lips and tongue.

Method #7: Tease And Denial
Kiss all over but her lips, until she pulls you to their lips. You can as well make use of this trick on other touchy spots. For instance, you can tease one of her nipples by kissing AROUND it until you finally kiss it.

Method #8: The Sensual Kiss
Look in her eyes and whisper you like to kiss her. Press your lips gently to hers’, cuddle her lips with yours and offer her a passionate kiss.

Method #9: Forehead Rub
Rub your forehead with your girl gently and kiss her.

Method #10: Nose
Rub Gently rub the tips of your noses mutually and kiss.

These kissing tips are essential for men who desire a true romantic relationship with women. This romance tips are what make smart men tick and make them to have women at their mercy.

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July 4

Is First Date Romance

You should never get romantic on your first date as this is just to get to know someone. You will know if you like them in less than a minute, but that is still not enough time to start-up a romantic rendezvous. Starting a relationship too soon can lead to heart-break and resentment.

You don’t know this guy, what his interests are, or anything about his life or where he comes from. If he’s a shy guy and you make the first move, he will wonder if you’re a pick-up or act like this with any guy that comes your way.

Stay within your boundaries and don’t go too far with this guy. He might be a pervert without you knowing it and if you try to get romantic, he could take advantage of you and get over-bearing. It takes time to get to know someone really well.

You will learn his likes, dislikes, if he has respect for other people, what he does for a living, and how many kids he has if any. You will know if he has a temper, what his favorite food is, favorite color, favorite songs and movies.

Never start a romantic relationship until you know these things. If you do, you will end up with a broken heart. If he turns out to be someone you don’t want to be with, then you can walk away and move on to the guy who will treat you right.

There are a few couples who fell in love at first sight, but it is rare. They have a solid marriage and have been together for years, but the percentages are very low. You need to research a good dating site that offers speed dating and singles events.

One that does background checks and screening on their members. You need a dating service who will help you with your profile, and who truly cares about you. You need to get matched up with someone compatible that’s looking for the same thing you are, a relationship.

Don’t get too close when talking to your date, he might think you’re trying to flirt and it makes a girl look cheap. Don’t wear sexy clothes or walk sexy as he might think you’re looking for more than just an innocent date. If he is looking for a relationship, then so should you. Your profile will match you up to the right guy. First date romance is a bad idea but later can be good and turn into a real true love.

If you are a Tampa single looking for a relationship, tired of the dating games, tired of online dating and/or tired of blind dates, let’s talk. My Tampa Dating is a dating site designed to incorporate personalized service with match making, singles events, speed dating, background checks and a staff that really cares about its members.

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July 3

How to Navigate the Black Dating Romance World

Black dating romance has gone beyond the average meet and greet. With online dating accounting for a healthy chunk of single life, there are a few steps that help daters progress beyond that first date. First impressions matter, even in the online world.

The first thing to consider on a black dating romance profile is the picture. Instead of taking a picture in a public bathroom and posting it to the dating site, have a friend take several pictures. Dress casually, but make sure the picture is nice and face forward. Seeing a person in their everyday life makes he or she more accessible. The photograph should be current. It is not advantageous to use a ten-year old photograph. When a relationship has gone beyond online to an in-person meeting, daters should resemble the photo they have placed on their profile, not how they looked in the year 1984.

Another helpful tip with dating is to set up an email address specifically for the account. Giving out the email address used for everyday business is a disadvantage. Not only are daters having to peruse through dozens of daily emails, they now have to search for those from fellow romance seekers. Setting up a dedicated email address helps keep the focus on the task at hand. Once this is set up, get ready to decide what to place in profile. Keeps likes and dislikes specific. Keep the tone light. Never place too much personal information online. This is information that can be shared once a relationship has started. In the beginning, many people are not ready for deep thought. Not to mention, there can be considerable embarrassment if too much is shared.

Black dating romance is exciting. Understand that being online does not exclude one from the same behaviors as a face-to-face date. Daters want and need the undivided attention of prospective partners. This means no instant messaging with others, watching television, and taking phone calls while communicating with the person that is possibly a future spouse of lifelong partner. Keep the focus narrowed down. Just as it is hard to juggle several people in person, the same can be said for distance dating. Be honest and love and friendship will follow.

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July 2

Dating, Romance, Love and Marriage

Why is it that the tiger automatically sets on its foot upon seeing its prey? The answer is simple–it wants to immediately have its meal. Why is it that the prey tries its best to get away from the tiger? Again, the answer is simple–it has its instinct to save its own life. The reason behind those behaviors is the motivation that drives both the host and the prey into action. In life, people have goals to attain and the motivation that they have is what drives them into acting out to attain those. There are a lot of reasons to get motivated.

It could be because of more money, a more comfortable life, and even to be more successful in dating, romance, love, and marriage. Yes, one could always be successful in dating, romance, love and marriage if only the person is involved with some serious pointers as borne in his mind.

In many cases romance is the usual motivator. In this aspect, people have different outlooks. When romance is in the air, the world seems to appear very charming and it is as if the ticking of time suddenly stops. When one gets inspired by romance, he or she tends to do positive things. There seems to have lots of positive energies in the person. It is romance which actually breathes a new life to the dull mind and which lets the heart beats faster. Flowers seem to be in full bloom in the eyes of the person who is captivated by love. There seems to be no reason not to overcome the obstacles that come along the way. Life is indeed a lot colorful when romance flutters like a butterfly in the air. But of course before you could be successful in dating, romance, love, and marriage, you’ve got to first get to know some valuable pointers. If you want to be successful in these aspects you of course have to be fully motivated. Reach your dreams and be successful in your own right.

During the very first time to spot your mate, you have to basically create a good impression. You may or may not be experienced in dating but everything starts from zero and such is the initial step into getting through a successful time with romance, love, and then eventually, marriage. It is not terrifying to commit yourself into a date. This is one way of getting to know your mate. How should you create a good impression then? Start with the basics–wear the proper attire and be a good conversationalist. This is not supposed to be a harassing experience but rather it should be turned into a fruitful one.

Many a times, inexperienced people in dating end up stammering so the other person gets bored. When this happens, expect that the outcome is negative. How could you be successful in dating and then eventually with romance, love and marriage if you cannot carry out effectively the initial step? Would it not be a nightmare for you? You have to remember that you need to create a positive impression right on the first date, mind you. This will determine if a follow up date would push through and this is also the determining factor as to whether or not you would have a chance to be successful in these areas.

Getting to meet someone whom you are eyeing on is both a stressing and daunting experience especially if you are one who is by nature affected by frequent anxiety. In order for your experience not to be turned into a nightmare, equip yourself with the knowledge on common topics. Since it is a getting to know process, the meet-up will be all about conversing. How would you be able to partake in the conversations if you are not armed with any knowledge, right?

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July 1

Romance Tips You Can Use To Keep The Love Alive

All marriages start out strong, but many tend grow cold over the years. And if that’s also the fate of your marriage, you’ll need good romance tips to revive your cold marriage.

The truth is, a loving and strong marriage does not happen by chance, and all successful marriages take work. But if you don’t know what to do, then let the following 5 romance tips help you out.

Improve Your Behaviour

You can start to improve anything in your life when you start improving yourself, even when it comes to your marriage. So the first romance tip you can apply is to audit your own behaviour and see if you’re often criticizing and nagging at your spouse, or even taking your spouse for granted.

It’s true that people tend to forget their manners when they get familiar with their spouses, but that is no excuse for inappropriate behaviour.

So if your behaviour toward your spouse has taken a turn for the worst, then it’s time you work on your unloving behaviour that is slowly killing the romance in your marriage.

Talk About Things That Really Matter

Sharing of inner feelings and thoughts is one important romance tip, but many couples don’t practise that often enough. Instead, many stick to facts reporting like telling each other how the kids are doing or that the bills need to be paid.

The truth is, emotional intimacy is one of the secrets behind a successful marriage but that can only be achieved through frequent and open conversations about the things that really matter.

So share your dreams and visions for the future with your spouse and learn to support your spouse emotionally and mentally by listening attentively to him/her when problems are being shared.

Learn To Give To Your Spouse

It’s been proven that the more each partner invests in the marriage, the more they will get out of it. So you can expect to receive more love from your partner when you start to freely express your love and before you know it, a cycle of giving to each other would be in motion.

If you want your spouse to give more of his/her love to you, then my romance tip for you is to learn to be the giver first. Don’t get caught in the trap of waiting for him/her to give before you make your move. Else, the both of you will be playing the waiting game and not the blessing game.

However, do manage your expectations because you don’t want to feel like you’re being taken advantage of when you don’t get as much in return.

Date Your Spouse

This romance tip is well known to many, yet only a few couples continue to date after marriage. That’s why so many marriages don’t last long.

Seriously, who says dating is only meant for unmarried couples? If dating helped you to keep the love alive during courtship, it’ll help to keep your marriage alive.

And who says dates need to be elaborate or expensive? You can do something as simple as cooking a gourmet meal together and then watching a romantic movie on the sofa together while you have your meals. And find someone to take care of the kids for a couple of hours so you and your spouse can spend some quality time together.

Improve Your Sex Life

When you’re dealing with everyday life, romance tips for the bedroom can be forgotten. And after some time, you might not feel the intimacy you once had for your spouse.

Intimacy needs to be there to spice up your marriage, so you really need to make the effort to revive your sex life with your spouse if you feel the passion fading away. You can do that by talking to your spouse about your turn ons and desires. Or if you’re running out of love making ideas, you can always turn to love-making books to give you ideas.

Use the romance tips above to help you revive your cold marriage life. And always remember that a successful marriage takes work, so don’t expect things to turn out well if you aren’t practising any romance tips on a regular basis.

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