November 23

My Successful Dating Romance

I had frequently used famous dating website for two years. I had the chance to meet few people who I dated. At this time, I was not looking for a relationship — I had just gotten out of one. I was only looking for a good mutual friend. My son and I were moving 200 kilometer away, to try to change our lives. I just wanted to meet someone to show us around, hang around with, and have a friend in our new neighborhood.

Couldn’t stop talking

I started chatting with John before I moved.

Once we started talking we couldn’t stop. We found that we had so much behaviors and thoughts in common and I could not believe how we even thought the same things and same feelings about life and other things. We chatted every morning and night for eight weeks before we finally met in person. I took my sister and my son with me to the restaurant to meet him for the first time.

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September 11

Top 7 Romance Tips For Men

Women who are in relationships share one primary desire, they all want to be romanced. Many men are willing to give romance a shot. But, they may think that romance requires a lot of work. Well, you may be surprised to find that romance does not have to be complicated. Here are seven romance tips for men that are fairly easy to implement. Try these romance tips for men, and you can please your partner, while adding a bit of spice to your relationship.

“Online Dating”

Kiss her very slowly. There is something very sensual about kissing slowly. Take your time and give her a kiss that she will not soon forget. Tap her on her backside once in a while. This shows that you are still into her. It gives her a sense of security about her relationship with you, and lets her know that you care about her.

Play romantic music. This one will score you some serious points. But the music cannot be lame. If you have some decent tunes on hand, go

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July 1

Romance Tips You Can Use To Keep The Love Alive

All marriages start out strong, but many tend grow cold over the years. And if that’s also the fate of your marriage, you’ll need good romance tips to revive your cold marriage.

The truth is, a loving and strong marriage does not happen by chance, and all successful marriages take work. But if you don’t know what to do, then let the following 5 romance tips help you out.

Improve Your Behaviour

You can start to improve anything in your life when you start improving yourself, even when it comes to your marriage. So the first romance tip you can apply is to audit your own behaviour and see if you’re often criticizing and nagging at your spouse, or even taking your spouse for granted.

It’s true that people tend to forget their manners when they get familiar with their spouses, but that is no excuse for inappropriate behaviour.

So if your behaviour toward your spouse has taken a turn for the worst, then it’s time you

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October 10

3 Fascinating “My First Day at Work” Stories As Narrated By Escorts

Wondering how day one on “duty” feels like working as a male or female escort? Well, here are three intriguing stories as told by escorts.

  1. Panicky but lucky

My first night was incredibly nervous. I went to meet my client in a five star hotel. On reaching, I nervously tiptoed through the lobby hoping to fit in and not look like an escort.

After a panicky elevator ride up, I found myself knocking on his door. He let me in and broke the silence (“for the night’s sake, we’ll call you Sarah, “Hi, Sarah?”). I laughed it off and soon after, we swung into action real quick. We were done in like 10 minutes.

He was clean and well-bred, both in bed and with payments. So I meet him a few more nights and always enjoyed his company. What’s more, he always gave tips on top of the hourly fee.

  1. Horrible first time

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November 19

How To Be Romantic With Your Wife

What does it take to be more romantic? Well some people would say that they just aren’t the romantic type. They actually think that some people are just naturally more romantically inclined than others. I disagree, I think that romance is something that can be learned by anyone and it is a key to having a healthy relationship.

So what are some things that you can do today to be a more romantic partner? I am sure you have seen stuff like this before so I am going to try to make it a little more exciting. Here are three ideas you can put into practice tonight to totally change the tone of things in your relationship. When you do this though, watch out. Your partner will wonder what happened to you, lol.

Tip #1 go to the store and buy three or four inexpensive, pretty wooden boxes. You could also buy the glass or ceramic type to mix it up a little bit. Take colorful construction paper and write a short love note to your partner. Use different colored pens and put a little cologne or perfume on it

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November 18

Tips For Women And Men That Will Make Your Partner Fall In Love

Want a way to be incredibly romantic this Christmas season? I have a tip for you tonight that I didn’t come up with. My wonderful girlfriend did and I am going to share it with the world. You know that I often talk on my blog about putting the thoughts of others above yourself. That is really the key to romance and happiness in life in general. Tonight I have seen this method exemplified by my wonderful lady.

We have all heard the song the “Twelve Days Of Christmas”, probably ad nauseam. Well tonight before I left my girl’s place she handed me a stack of colorful cards wrapped in a ribbon. Each was decorated and had a date on it. You see tomorrow begins the first day of Christmas. I will have a card to open each day all the way until Christmas morning. I joked that I was going to rush home and read them all. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am excited about having a special surprise from my darling waiting on me each morning.

Now you would think guys wouldn’t really get into

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October 16

Office Romance Tips

Most people spend more time in the work place than at home. Because of the time constraint that most professionals have and also the lack of sociable time, many people divert to the aspect of getting a romantic partner in the office instead of elsewhere

The workplace seems to become a natural breeding ground for romantic couples since they spend so much time there. It also seems pretty inevitable since most get along with each other well based on the fact that they are in the same environment that initiates similar interests, beliefs, and backgrounds.

Some companies however do not like the idea as they feel intimate relationships may cause negligence on their respective jobs and also when it comes to duties and responsibilities with each other

Here are some helpful tips:

1. Think first and be 100% sure

Really think things through before making a move and think about the consequences as well as benefits that you can get from the relationship. If things don’t work out would you be OK with seeing this person day in and day out?

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October 15

Pure Romance Tips For Doing Things Together

Pure Romance is not just about the candlelight dinners and fine wine. It’s not just flower petals on the floor leading to the bedroom. It’s also more than sending love notes in emails or leaving sweet messages for each other to find in unexpected places. True Romance is about how two people in a relationship spend time with each other everyday in everything that they do.

To have a romantic relationship, it helps to have a love compatibility. (Think of that before getting too serious with someone). We must have mutual desires or at least be willing to compromise in order to please each other in the things that we do together. In fact, having the desire and willingness to do things together on a regular basis will partially answer the question, “What is love?” for a lot of people.

Pure romance for my wife and I is determined in large part by the many things that we do together each day – or at various times throughout the weeks and months of the year.

Examples That Don’t Cost Money (or much)

When you

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October 15

Effective Flirting That Works

Do you need dating and flirting tips that will land you in a solid relationship? Are you tired of living your life alone and you want to be able to share the joys in life with a good man? Would dating and flirting tips give you the edge over other women who are struggling on the dating front?

Many women go out there without a clue how the dating scene can be these days. Either they’re tied up in some old fashion notion of what dating once was or they’ve been misled by the over-romanticized movies depicting dating as a fairy tale.

Read these dating and flirting tips and watch how your love life takes a turn for the better.

Lose the Desperation

This is the first and most important dating and flirting tip of all. No matter what you do, and no matter how badly you want to be in a relationship, do not let on that you are desperate. This is something that guys see from a distance and run.

Whether it’s in the lovelorn way you look at

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October 14

How to Be Forever in Love, Romance Tips For Married Couples

It is common for anyone to feel a little worried that the romance in their marriage is fading. This is especially true if you have been married for quite some time now. So what can you do to get the romance back into your marriage? Rest assured there are actually plenty of little things you can do today to strike up that spark again.

Spice up your sex life

This is one area most married couple pays less attention to. Sex usually takes a back seat especially when there are plenty of everyday things that need your attention. Take time to have a passionate lovemaking session with your spouse before it fades away and becomes too late to revive. Put real effort by talking openly with your spouse about what turns you on and your sexual desires. Learn new love-making ideas and techniques. It will be enough to get your desires running again.

Do not be selfish by giving more

If you invest in your marriage, you generally will get more out of it. Express your love and devotion to your spouse freely. You

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October 13

Romance Tips For Any Stage of a Relationship

I have spent this week mostly thinking about romantic ideas because I owe that special someone in my life some serious pampering for doing me a huge favour. It got me wondering why I don’t try and put in the effort more often regardless of whether he does something for me or not. My head is now bubbling with some good ideas and topped off with a bit of research I have done, I had to share these with you. I couldn’t very well keep them to myself know could I, knowing that we all need a bit of romance in our lives.

Romantic Ideas:

  • Surprise someone special with a stylish photo frame already inserted with a photo of yourself or a photo of the two of you together.
  • Go through their DVD collection and get them something they do not already have, but that you know they will enjoy. It will last longer than flowers.
  • Leave little love messages or hearts drawn on the bathroom mirror while it is steamed up after your shower or bath for them to find when they go in after you.
  • Plan a holiday or mini-break and do not tell them where you are taking them. Let them find
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September 12

Online Dating

Online dating has been around for a decade or so and everyone who peruses the internet has heard about it. Just about everyone who is single has either tried or contemplated trying an online dating service at some time or another. Some who have been willing to try online dating have experienced success, fallen in love and even gotten married to the person they met using an internet dating service. Yet, others have horror stories to tell about the person(s) they met online and/or later in person. Others become frustrated because they can’t seem to find the right person and give up Those who have had unfortunate experiences have nothing but content for online dating.

When you really stop to think about, online dating is really pretty much the same as any other form of meeting someone new. Whether you meet someone online or in a supermarket, you strike up a conversation, decide if the person is an intellectual fit, decide whether or not you’re attracted to him/or and then decide if you want to further the relationship based on the information you’ve seen and heard thus far. It doesn’t really matter how

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September 10

Romance Tips For Your Dream Girl

Guys! You are now dating that hot girl. How do you keep her? Love and dating advice made easy.

1: Start slow. The best way to keep a girl’s attention is to inform her that you want to go slow. Wait until the 4th date to have sex. Some dates should just be cuddle dates. Women are so used to men just wanting them for sex, that only cuddling is a great way of getting close and holding her interest. Not to mention raising her anticipation levels for the big event.

2: The perfect first kiss. A very light brush is better than a full on tongue kiss. First of all, it gets her curious and wanting more. Keep something back for later.

3: Compliment her. Most women are very insecure about the way they look. Women look at their imaginary physical flaws (butt too big, flabby thighs, whatever) and find it hard to believe that a man could find them sexually attractive. Constantly tell her how sexy you find her. If you can improve her self-esteem she will be much more uninhibited in bed.

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September 9

Dating Advice Tips

Most dating advice tips apply to all dates but you only get one shot at a first impression. The first date is therefore incredibly important especially if you want to have a second date and an ongoing relationship! There are some things you may get away with in an established relationship that are absolutely not allowed on a first date. So the first of many dating advice tips is never, ever be late on a first date. It may sound obvious but it is important. Secongly arrange to meet somewhere she’ll be comfortable meeting you if she doesn’t know you well. Dress appropriately for whatever you’re doing without going over the top. Natural is the biggest key to success!

If you’re trying to get a first date with someone you really like or fancy and you’re not sure it’s reciprocated try to offer an irresistible date you know they’ll love. To do this you may need to get tickets for a big event and you may need to do some homework on their interests. If she’s important to you, it’s worth the effort.

If the first date went well follow

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August 8

Sure Shot Tips You’re Going To Need!

If you’re not getting enough dates, then there’s a problem with your technique. There are plenty of women out there to choose from, so if your love life isn’t as good as it should be, you must be doing something wrong. Picking up women is a skill that can take guys years to master – if they don’t get a little help along the way. Here are three sure-shot dating girls tips that will help you improve your game.

1. Don’t Be A Loser

One of the first dating girls tips I’m going to let you in on is not to be a desperate loser. Women don’t like desperate losers! You need to become a man of high social value. That means meeting friends and having places to go and people to see. Guys with a high social value don’t spend Friday and Saturday nights home alone – unless they need some quiet “me time”.

Girls like dating guys who have an equal social standing. So if you want to date attractive women, you need to improve yours. If you don’t have many friends, then go out

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August 7

Invaluable Tips For Beginners to Online Dating

New to online dating? Looking for “how to date online” tips? Every day millions of singles are discovering the new dating horizons expanded by the Internet. In the pre-internet era meeting that special someone was limited to the narrow circle of friends and coworkers. People whose social life was not that active, were missing out on a lot of dating opportunities. However, the dating world is no longer the same. If you want to jump on the dating bandwagon, here are a few tips to consider.

1 Research and choose the dating site that suits your interest. There are numerous dating sites out there. Some have huge membership and cover all types of the relationship spectrum. Others have limited membership and target a very specific dating audience. Do your research and pick the dating sites that works for you.

2 Test the sites before signing up. The better dating sites are confident that they provide a broad membership base which will give you many options. Those site let you browse different profiles for free before you even post your own profile for other member to see. Only after you make

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August 6

Romance Tips to Get Your Ex Back in Your Life

Love is fragile and needs to be nurtured every single day and moment. Love should last a life time and this is why those who take their love to the next level to remain until death puts them apart. This is exactly what it should be. You would be very happy when you know that you are capable of using certain tips to get back your ex in your life.

Well, maybe you have come across several tips to help get your ex back and now it is time we considered some romance tips. These tips are useful for those who shared a special kind of love and cannot afford to live without it.

Romance tips that can bring back your ex

Being strong even when you are dealing with a break up is a very important romance tip that you should consider applying into your love life. You should not go begging, clinging and behaving in a manner that suggests as though you are desperate.

You need to give some time for tempers to cool. It is romantic that you limit contacts with

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July 4

Smart Romance Tips For Men

Here are a couple of kissing tips that you can apply.

Remember to vary them to keep things exciting!

Method #1: Triumvirate
Kiss her lightly between the eyes, subsequently on the tip of her nose, and lastly on the lips.

Method #2: Top And Bottom
Kiss her on her top lip, after that the bottom lip, and to finish both.

Method #3: Lick Her Lightly
Run the tip of your tongue gradually along your girl’s lips.

Method #4: Kiss Her Earlobes
Gently kiss, nibble, and suck on her earlobe. This trick can drive a woman WILD. This technique one is of the dating secrets for alpha men.

Method #5: Kiss Her Neck
Trail the sides of her neck with your lips and tongue.

Method #6: Front Of Neck
Kiss the front of her neck with your lips and tongue.

Method #7: Tease And Denial
Kiss all over but her lips, until she pulls you to their lips. You can as well make use of this trick on other touchy spots. For instance,

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July 4

Is First Date Romance

You should never get romantic on your first date as this is just to get to know someone. You will know if you like them in less than a minute, but that is still not enough time to start-up a romantic rendezvous. Starting a relationship too soon can lead to heart-break and resentment.

You don’t know this guy, what his interests are, or anything about his life or where he comes from. If he’s a shy guy and you make the first move, he will wonder if you’re a pick-up or act like this with any guy that comes your way.

Stay within your boundaries and don’t go too far with this guy. He might be a pervert without you knowing it and if you try to get romantic, he could take advantage of you and get over-bearing. It takes time to get to know someone really well.

You will learn his likes, dislikes, if he has respect for other people, what he does for a living, and how many kids he has if any. You will know if he has a temper, what his favorite food

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July 3

How to Navigate the Black Dating Romance World

Black dating romance has gone beyond the average meet and greet. With online dating accounting for a healthy chunk of single life, there are a few steps that help daters progress beyond that first date. First impressions matter, even in the online world.

The first thing to consider on a black dating romance profile is the picture. Instead of taking a picture in a public bathroom and posting it to the dating site, have a friend take several pictures. Dress casually, but make sure the picture is nice and face forward. Seeing a person in their everyday life makes he or she more accessible. The photograph should be current. It is not advantageous to use a ten-year old photograph. When a relationship has gone beyond online to an in-person meeting, daters should resemble the photo they have placed on their profile, not how they looked in the year 1984.

Another helpful tip with dating is to set up an email address specifically for the account. Giving out the email address used for everyday business is a disadvantage. Not only are daters having to peruse through dozens of daily emails, they

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July 2

Dating, Romance, Love and Marriage

Why is it that the tiger automatically sets on its foot upon seeing its prey? The answer is simple–it wants to immediately have its meal. Why is it that the prey tries its best to get away from the tiger? Again, the answer is simple–it has its instinct to save its own life. The reason behind those behaviors is the motivation that drives both the host and the prey into action. In life, people have goals to attain and the motivation that they have is what drives them into acting out to attain those. There are a lot of reasons to get motivated.

It could be because of more money, a more comfortable life, and even to be more successful in dating, romance, love, and marriage. Yes, one could always be successful in dating, romance, love and marriage if only the person is involved with some serious pointers as borne in his mind.

In many cases romance is the usual motivator. In this aspect, people have different outlooks. When romance is in the air, the world seems to appear very charming and it is as if the ticking of time

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